March 5 - April 17

No refunds available for missed or dropped classes.  Athletes must be registered through the Vizion office (2018-2019 waiver and $20 annual gym reg fee are required).

REGISTRATION is available in person or over the phone.  Stop in or call the Vizion office (586-731-3405) Monday - Thursday evenings.

Registration deadline for SPRING classes is February 28th.

Tumble Tech: WED 6-7 pm ($90)                                                                      This class will focus on athlete's overall development with incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, discipline, correct posture, endurance, while teaching the core fundamentals of gymnastics. Ages 3+

Excel: TUES 7:30-8:30 pm ($90)
This class will focus on drills and correct technique for front and back walkovers, both standing and running back handsprings. Minimum skill requirements: forward roll, handstand, cartwheel, and round-off with proper technique. Ages 5+

Flip Flop: TUES 7:30-8:30 pm ($90)
This class is for athletes who have mastered the basic fundamentals of gymnastics including front walkover, back walkover, and back handsprings.  The class will focus on back tucks and layouts, including both standing and running tumbling. Ages 5+

Front Tumbling: not offered for SPRING ($90)
This class is for athletes who have mastered forward rolls, front walkovers, cartwheels, and round-offs.  This class will focus on only front tumbling skills such as front and side aerials, front handsprings, punch fronts, front layouts, front fulls, and combination of front skills. Ages 5+

Spin to Win: not offered for SPRING ($90)
This class is for athletes who have mastered tucks and layouts.  We will be focusing on drills and correct technique for spinning skills such as fulls, doubles, standing fulls, and arabians. Ages 7+

Wicked Jumps: not offered for SPRING ($90)
This class will focus on drills and technique, explosiveness, strength, height, and form for beautiful jumps. Ages 5+ 

Fly High: not offered fro SPRING ($90)
This class is for any athlete (ages 5+) who is interested in flying for rec, junior high, middle school, high school, college, and all star teams.  Every week we will focus on different skills such as correct body positions, core control, balance, air awareness, strength, flexibility, body positions, baskets, full downs, and double downs.


School Team Tumbling
School Team Tumbling is offered to both Junior High and High School cheer teams. Team tumbling gives school teams a chance to work on their tumbling skills with Vizion advanced tumbling coaching staff. Coaches, please e-mail for pricing and time availability.

Open Gym: THURS 7:30-8:30 pm ($5/$10)
Open Gym gives athletes a chance to drop by the gym on their own time and work with Vizion coaches on their jumps, tumbling and stunting skills. Open gym is discounted to Vizion All Stars competitive full-travel cheer team members ($5) and only $10 for non-travel cheer team members and athletes that are not members of any Vizion All Stars cheer team.  

National Semi- and Full-Travel Competitive All Star Cheer Teams (contact the office to arrange a tryout)
Vizion All Stars teams consist of boys and girls from the area whose sole purpose is that of competition. The all stars compete locally and nationally across the country against other all star teams. Each routine is set entirely to music to demonstrate a variety of dance, tumbling and stunting skills at an elite level. Teams are available for all skill levels and ages (3-18).  Semi-Travel teams will compete locally with one out of state competition (OH).  Full-Travel teams will split their competitions between local and out of state venues.

Non-Travel (Prep) Competitive All Star Cheer Teams (Sign-Up by 9/13/18)
Non-Travel teams compete just as the National Teams do but without the expense of travel.